DISPLAY: KIDS Product Peep

There is no better time to be a kid than now! As we enter the building phase of creating a retail playground for DISPLAY’s newest installment DISPLAY: KIDS, we are pleased to announce our first product preview.  Let us introduce, not only to you, but to all of California our friends and trendsetters in kid’s lifestyle apparel from Australia, BANDITkids.  We are honored to debut their introduction into our California culture and what better place to do it than right here in the sunny Sacramento.

 BANDITkids encourages kids to have a playful imagination as well as maintain a strong connection to mother earth.  Each and every item they produce is carefully handmade all the way down to the hand-drawn illustrations that are screen printed by hand as well.  The visionaries at BANDITkids live for the small details because they know how much kids love to discover precious treasures. Come and see for yourself on April 3, 2015 the creation and culture that Australia can inspire here in California.  

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