Designer Feature: Tyson Anthony Roberts

Meet Tyson Anthony Roberts. Tyson is a Sacramento based artist working with elements of expressionism, color field painting and spontaneity. He blends these elements together to form rural and urban scenes that reminds us a lot of California. We will be showcasing Tyson colorful art in our Golden State of Mind installation, so we caught up with him to ask him how California inspires him. 

What inspires you to create such full and in-depth floral patterns?

The inspirations for the subject matter intersect at the roads of environmentalism, happiness, meditation, psychedelia and an appreciation for colorful palettes applied with tasteful use of line. Painting flora, natural plant life and landscapes is my way of showing respect for the outdoors and presenting to viewers what I see when I look at everyday life around Sacramento.

Did you always paint floral or plant settings or is this something that has happened over time?

Overtime, I have found that my work has gradually evolved into what it is now. The evolution has seen me focusing on smaller components of the landscapes that inspire me. I used to (and sometimes still do) paint larger frame landsacpe works, however I am currently more interested in exploring botanical elements of a landscape scene vs the whole landscape scene cropping a photo to focus on a super interesting section that can somehow get lost when looking at the un-cropped whole.

Who inspired you to be so creative and colorful in your paintings? 

Lately I have been watching my toddler-age daughter blossom into a happy-energetic-amazing person. I feel that the by-product of learning to be a father is a crazy amount of good vibes and wondrous excitement for her future...this energy flows through my work. I love that she can see her influence on me (knowingly or not) when she observes a finished painting.

Is painting your full time gig or do you have another passion where you are able to express your creativeness?

I am equally an ARTIST and SCIENTIST. Two full-time gigs, ha!

What is your opinion on the current influx of Sacramento art and artiest and how do you see it evolving in the next 5 years. 

The growth Sacramento is undergoing in various areas is by default observed in the influx of art in my opinion. I don't roll with any particular scene, club or movements yet I feel connected to these diverse groups. The beauty in Sacramento is that you can go off and do your thing but also participate if your feeling up to it...the city is low pressure, highly accepting and wildly capable of providing a platform for passionate folks to succeed.

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