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Who doesn't love to receive a quirky card out of the blue either through post or delivered by hand.  At DISPLAY: California it is our effort to find the most intriguing items that not only make one feel special but items that are created in our own back yard.  We sat down with Kristin deNeeve who currently has her fun, modern and simplistic cards, invitations, art prints, and tote bags for sale at DISPLAY: California. Read all about how she creates, gets inspired, and is able to curate such iconic pieces for any special occasion. 



Kristin deNeeve, 34, Sacramento, CA

I understand you moved here from New York! How long ago and what inspired the move? How did you deal with the change?

We moved here almost 2 years ago. Living in New York, was a dream of mine and my husband was cool enough to go along with it. Moving to Northern California was something my husband really wanted so, I returned the favor.

How do you feel about the creative community in Sacramento? Do you think there are plenty of opportunities for creative businesses to thrive or is there a need for more?

In my experience, the creative entrepreneurs in Sacramento have been extremely supportive rather than competitive. I think in general people in Sacramento are really friendly and open, so there are a lot of opportunities if you’re willing to put yourself out there. If there were even more opportunities for creative businesses, that would be even better.

How long have you been designing? Did you go to school for graphic design? If so, where?

I’m an illustrator at heart. I studied illustration in college, but after I graduated I realized I needed the “luxuries” freelancing couldn’t give me at the time—like health insurance, a regular pay check, paid time off, etc. And finding a full-time job as an illustrator was nearly impossible, so I started working as a graphic designer at the local newspaper. I loved design so much I continued as a full-time designer for 8 more years before moving to Sacramento, which is when I decided to give freelance illustration and design a shot.

What pushed you to start your business? Is this something you always wanted to do?

I made my first card as a promotional piece for my freelance business. It was so much fun to create, because it was one of the first times I made something completely for myself that reflected my personality and quirks, and it wasn’t driven by an art director or a client. The people that saw it really liked it, and I decided to make a few more. My card line grew really slowly at first, because it was just something I was doing for fun. But I also realized that if I didn’t take it seriously, it would never go anywhere. So this summer I named it, designed a logo, and created a bunch of new designs. 

What is your creative space like?

In my opinion, it’s awesome and I love it. This is coming from someone who lived in a 500-square-foot apartment in New York (which is actually bigger than it sounds!). So it’s amazing to me that I have an entire room dedicated to my business. But to someone else, it’s probably underwhelming. It’s not all pretty and glossy like other peoples’ workspaces I see on Instagram. It’s usually a total mess and is definitely more utilitarian than beautiful. I should probably spend less time looking at social media. 


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