As we gear up for another year of innovation at DISPLAY, our team is eager and excited to bring new and creative ways to shop retail in-store and online. Set in the heart of Oak Park, along the Triangle District, DISPLAY is an ever revolving pop-up retail concept that incorporates a community of local designers, artisans, merchants, brands, products and ideas to individuals like yourself.

Today, we are excited to share with you and announce that we are currently building/creating our first installment of 2016, “The Bodega” opening on January 29th with a Grand Opening Party that we would hate for you to miss. 

The Bodega will be the marketplace store with the goal of being a centerpiece for the community to come together. It will be serving up your pantry and kitchens favorite products from our favorite artisanal purveyors in California and beyond. From everyday kitchen items to packaged foods, coffee, and beverages, and household and convenience items. The Bodega will provide high-quality service and food education in an inviting and well-designed space. The Bodega will bring “quality to the corner”.

Our shop may be physically closed until  January 29th, but DISPLAY's online shop is open 24/7 offering some of our best selling items that we just can't live without. Shop now and be on the look out for more details regarding DISPLAY: The Bodega via Instagram, Facebook and our Website.  


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