Love is Sweet!

We can all agree that those classic heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates can be one of the most cliché valentine’s day gifts you can give or ever receive. So why not change things up this year and show him/her a side of you that is sweet yet sassy!

We are excited to announce that DISPLAY now stocks California candy curators, Sugarfina.  Started in 2012 in Los Angeles by Rosie O’neill and Josh Resnick, creating some of the best sweets and little precious treats that should be in everybody Valentines day package.

The idea for Sugarfina came to Rosie and Josh on their third date, a screening of the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. On the date a simple question arose - "why should kids have all the fun?”.  This question led the sweet couple on a quest to create the ultimate candy store for grown-ups.

In the four years that followed, they have traveled the world to meet with artisan candy makers and taste-tested thousands of candies in search to find the best of the best. Every candy in their boutique is packaged with love that is perfect to give as a gift or simply just treating yourself.

“Sugarfina is the candy store we've always dreamed of, a chic boutique filled with delicious, gourmet sweets that are just as beautiful to look at as they are to taste” (Josh & Rosie).

 DISPLAY now carries an array of Sugarfina candies including the famous Champagne Gummies and their one of a kind curated Valentines Day boxes that are sweet, sour and BOLD! 


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