Game Day Essentials

The big game is right around the corner, and whether you're there to watch the game or not one of the biggest reason why we all attend any Super Bowl party is because of the food! Unfortunately, Super Bowl food can be limited to mediocre pizza, greasy wings, and soggy nachos that never taste as good as they look. Luckily, you can be the one that switches things up on the menu and brings quality to the table with some of DISPLAY's favorite party essentials. We have put together some our favorite items that are now available at DISPLAY: Bodega that can turn any party into a culinary delight.

1) Burley Beverage - Lemon-Honey Switchel:
What better way to wash down those game time snacks than with a handmade soda.

2) Inna Jam - Pretty Spicy Fresno Chili: (2013 Good Food Award Winner)
This bright-red Fresno Chili jam can accompany anything especially your favorite cheese or meats or even used as a spread on your favorite sandwiches.

3) Other Brother - Gun Powder Spice: 
You have to try this! The blend of all California-grown peppers and garlic from Gilroy, California make this spice a one stop spice that goes great with soups, salads, meats, eggs and even in a homemade stir-fry.

4) DISPLAY - Organic Bamboo Rice Spatula: 
Need to scoop up something? Try one of these natural organic Bamboo spatulas! They are an essential tool in any kitchen.

5) CC Made - Carmel Trio “Sel Gris, Dark Chocolate, and Chicory Coffee Caramel Sauce”:
It's not a party without a sweet little something. You are definitely going to want to try CC Made “Carmel Trio” to drizzle or dip some of your favorite fruits or sweet treats that need a special little something.

6) CC Made - Spice Almond Carmel Corn:
A party classic that will always be on deck for any occasion.

 7) Short Stack - Corn Cookbook
This unique one of a kind corn inspired cookbook by Jessica Battilana, explores the endless possibilities of how you can serve up the perfect kernel.

8) Timber & Main - Reclaimed wood cutting board
What a perfect and simple way to display your homemade charcuterie board of your favorite cheeses, meats and other game time essentials.

9) Hadley & Bennett - Hickory Apron            
Don’t want to stain your favorite game day shirt? Well lucky for you, we literally got you covered with these stylish aprons made here in the USA from salvaged American canvases, raw Japanese selvage denim as well as European linens.  

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