DISPLAY Designer Feature: Best Supply Company

As we gear up to dedicate a corner of our space to the guy-centric lifestyle for our Dapper Dads in-store event taking place tomorrow at DISPLAY, we thought it would be good to introduce some of our new makers and the products that we will have in our shop.

Meet David Churchill of Best Supply Company. He makes things like Maple Bacon Candles (yes... You read that right). Lucky for you we had a chance to sit down with David to get to know him a little bit more as well as see what inspires him to create such amazing candles and men's body products.  

1) How long have you been making candles and skin care products for and why did you decide to make them?

I’ve been making candles for 4 months and beard oil for a little over a year. I started making these products because I wanted to provide affordable, honest products for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality for cost. Everything I make is a result of not being able to find exactly what I wanted, so I made it myself

2) What about California has helped inspire your newest sent with DISPLAY: California?

The DISPLAY:CaliforniaXBestSupply candle is inspired by camping in California; specifically Hendy Woods.

3) Can you tell us a little about the process that goes into making a Best Supply product?

Research! I relentlessly research every ingredient in my products. I use everything I make, so I want to make sure every ingredient is something I’m comfortable using. I spend a lot of time trying out new scents and formulas, so feedback from my friends has been crucial in figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

4) How does living in California and working in the entertainment industry help make up Best Supply?

The entertainment industry is a good contrast to Best Supply. With Best Supply, I can take my time, relax, and create; where at my entertainment job its all fast paced. They are both creative jobs, but really different in urgency. I like the contrast. I helps me have balance.

5) What does it mean to you to have your company “Best Supply” in DISPLAY’s up and coming Pop-Up “A Golden State of Mind”?

’m really stoked on the whole experience. I haven’t been doing Best Supply for very long so its both very humbling and validating. I’ve really enjoyed the process of putting together some unique items for DISPLAY: A Golden State of Mind, and working with the Unseen Heroes staff.