Astrology Readings


We predominately use Traditional Hellenistic Astrology Methods mixed with a dash of Modern Psychological Interpretation techniques. Your chart will be presented and read using the whole sign house system and traditional systems of rulership and condition. We do, however, do include analysis of the modern bodies (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron) or asteroids when appropriate or relevant. 

All sessions include 20% off crystal, tarot and holistic product collections.

 Benjamin Ismail is an astrologer, polymath, crystal enthusiast and storyteller based in Sacramento. They have been drawing and reading charts privately for over 15 years. Since 2020 their practice has grown and are now offering appointments to the public. Trained in the Hellenistic System with special education in Archetypal, Humanistic, Kabbalistic, Human Design and other methods.

“My mission is just to help people understand themselves and how they relate to each other better. If I can help astrology be a more understandable or less scary tool for personal growth and self-mastery that’s a win." 

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