Humble Bee Herbal


We are a family owned small business, crafting sustainably made and packaged bath and body care products. We believe in the importance of all natural skincare and celebrating the abundance of this Earth.

This company was formed with three completely different individuals within one family. We are an artist, herbalist, former teacher, mother, sister, brother, and now creators of this new venture. We each have different wants, needs, and expectations when it comes to skin care.

Our hope is to support people in their journey to a more natural way of life, as much a part of the earth as possible. That is why we use only sustainably sourced ingredients and support local bee hives as much as we can. Our packaging is mostly glass, metal, or paper. We use minimal plastic and no excess packaging. We also believe in the classic adage, recycle, reduce, reuse. Burned into many of our psyches at a young age, it is time to really put in the effort. Therefore if you send back the bottle or jar that your product came in, we offer a gift or discount for your next purchase. We are intent on leaving this planet in better shape than when we got here.

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