Apply for DISPLAY: Annex

Are you ready to take the big leap into testing out your idea in the form of full scale retail? If so, you are in the right place. 

DISPLAY: Annex can benefit your business in the following ways: 

Test your idea in real-time.

With DISPLAY: Annex, you can test your idea in real-time without committing to a long lease.

Connect with community offline. 

Get your name out there. Invite your personal community to connect with you offline, or meet new people face to face.

Build your credibility.

Let's face it. People take you more seriously when you have your own shop. Feel free to use DISPLAY: Annex to your advantage.

Get honest feedback.

DISPLAY: Annex allows you to collect feedback from real customers that can interact with your products in real-time. 

Launch in a unique way.

With a fully customizable space, you can create an unique experience that your customers will never forget.

Make money seven days a week.

You have the power to set your own hours, and you have the opportunity to make money every day of the week. At DISPLAY: Annex, you decide when you are open and closed.